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Why React Native is the best choice for developing Apps?

Why React Native is the best choice for developing Apps?

One of the tools we use in blur effects to develop apps is React native, because it allows us to create apps for android and iOS.

The benefits are: 

High performance

It offers near-native performance by providing components such as Image, View and text.

Because of this, the performance of React Native apps is good as native Android and iOS apps. React Native uses GPU for computational tasks, so its performance is superior compared to other crossplatform apps frameworks.

Cross-platform development

The codes created by React Native are compatible with differents platforms, this makes it effective for creating applications for Android and iOS. An application coded for Android can be deployed for iOS, which generates savings in development costs.

Rich  user interface. 

React natives allows to create user interface that are unique or suggestive  Through predesigned components Such as selector, button, slider, switch, etc.

In addition, it is possible to make your own components with tocable native feedback


    There are a lot of specifics components for iOS and android to work effectively on mobiles with these operating systems. For example:

    In iOS : ActionSheetIOS, AlertIOS, DatePickerIOS, ImagePickerIOS, ProgressViewIOS, etc.

     En Android: DatePickerAndroid, DrawerLayoutAndroid, PermissionsAndroid, ToastAndroid,

     ToolbarAndroid, etc.

    Quickly development and  cheaper cost 

    This tool provides components for text, images, animations, links, progress bars, etc..,

      It considerably speed up the application development process, and the hot reload feature helps to make it possible to recharge the application without compiling all the code.

    It include  development tools such as Nuclide, for writing code; Yoga, for design; Sentry, for monitoring bugs and crashes; and React Developer Tools, for debugging. This makes the development process easier and faster.

    The cost of creating two apps in React Native is higher than the cost of a one app using other methods Therefore, the additional costs of developing apps for different platforms are lower. In addition, developers can program the same update for Android and iOS platforms.