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Why building hybrid Apps can ensure the success of your product?

Why building hybrid Apps can ensure the success of your product?

Hybrid applications are websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that are developed with tools capable of converting them into an App. That is, they are software applications that combine elements of native applications and web applications. In Blur Effect we build them for you.

The advantages of building hybrid Apps, it will help you to ensure the success of your product:

They are adaptable to all businesses, because developers can use the same programming code base for different platforms. 

 Application development is faster and requires fewer resources, it helps into money and time savings.

Initial development time takes less time, as these are more familiar and simple languages that many developers already use.

It has ease and flexibility at the time of making any modification in the design that influences in the web and the app.

The cost of development is lower, since it uses the same code base on all platforms iOS, Android, MacOs, Windows etc., also making it possible for developers do their work in a faster way.

 Due to their easy implementation and to be friendly with different operating systems, it contribute to the scalability of the business in the short and medium term.


    helps to reach audiences in an effective way, due to its multiplatform performance.

    They allow for the creation of quick or emergency projects, solving problems by being ready for use in a shorter time than other types of apps.

    Hybrid technology reduces time-to-market and implies cost savings ranging from 30% to 50% compared to native Apps.

    Examples of iconic hybrid applications that many users use everyday


    App Store. Evernote Apple Books. Instagram. Gmail.