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10 tips to grow your website

10 tips to grow your website:

Blur Effect’s commitment to our clients is absolute, we understand that web design can be overwhelming. One of the most essential criteria for determining the legitimacy of a company is the design of its website. customer consider a great website because of its appearance and functionality. On the other hand, if the website confuses them, they will rate it as a bad website.

To avoid this, we included several web design guidelines such as navigation, color schemes, the use of social media, and email marketing to ensure  better business performance and lead optimization. You will also learn how to avoid design errors.

such as slow site loading and cluttered layouts.

  1. Keep brand consistency 
  2. Develop compelling CTAs.
  3. Quick charge 
  4. Search engine optimizations 
  5. Mobile friendly 
  6. Simple navigation 
  7. Email marketing 
  8. Social networking 
  9. Hight quality 
  10. Color scheme