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Six characteristics that an App must have to be successful.

Six characteristics that an App must have to be successful:

At Blur Effect, we know that building mobile applications allows  to the companies to have a direct and instant connection with their consumers, it helps to your company to have a bigger audience and generating more money.

When we decide to implement a mobile application, it starts a long process of research and planning for deciding about the most important and definitive aspects of the application begins. this aspect will define its future, success or failure. There are some characteristics that can define and help the developed tool to be considered successful and to be well received by users.


    These are 6 characteristics that an App must have, to take advantage of its functionalities and to offer a better customer experience

    1. Know your audience: This consists of a demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral group conformed for the future consumers of your company’s products or service.
    2. Relevance and speed: It implies delimiting the scope of the App, the technology and platforms to be used, and to have clear the design of that.
    3.  A easy menu to understand: Its very important that the user understands the application’s direction and he or she finds what the person is looking for in a simple and fast way
    4. Protection: User authentication, cookies, validation tokens, database security system, VPM, security testing, etc.  database security system, VPM, security testing, etc.
    5. Effective procedures: It must possess a readable and reusable structure; Scrum; texting; UX/UI user experience; etc.
    6. Create and test a prototype. In this context, application development

       plays an important role in a booming market full of promise, and at Blur Effect we understand this; the priority is to help our clients recognize the business opportunity and seize it. When it is clear that your company needs a mobile application, the next step is to make sure it is of excellent quality and to do everything possible to encourage users to download and use it frequently.