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How to build successful apps in a record time ?

How to build successful apps in a record time ?:

In blur effect we have the skills to build successfully apps in a record time, we also recognize the importance to be part of the idea or the concept of the costumer to be more particular based on a field study of the user’s needs.

After the analysis, we design the aesthetics and functionality of the app, as well as the 

code that supports it. The Quality testing or analysis is the last step that the testers do.

This is how to build an App in record time:

To have a clear idea. If you already  know what you want for your app it will be easier to execute it. 

After the first version of your App has been built with its limited features and the main offering, you can introduce the features you had left out initially. By studying user’s behavior you will know if it is relevant to do it again.



    Indentify needs: Validating the idea will show if there is a demand for your application. You can do this by using the Google Keyword Planner tool to verify the number of people searching for what you are trying to offer, or you can also create a landing page to help to highlight your app idea and that show the interest of the users by an email registration

    Remove non essential features: In your prototype, do a search for the least essential features for the core value of your App idea; this will allow you to reduce time and costs.

    Design: This is not  only refers to how your App will look, it means how can your users will  interact with it.